GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupon May 2015

GoDaddy offers two SSL certificate options for their customers based on the security needs of their sites. Coupons offered for both packages are discussed below.

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GoDaddy Premium SSL Coupon

GoDaddy offers a Premium SSL Certificate, which is ideal for webmasters with ecommerce sites. All transactions that take place on your site will be 100% safe and secure. You can also secure unlimited servers with one certificate. Premium SSL is normally priced at $99.99 per year.

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By using the GoDaddy Premium SSL Certificate Coupon you can save 20%, so your Premium SSL certificate will only cost you $80.

GoDaddy Standard SSL Coupon

GoDaddy has their Standard SSL Certificate priced quite affordably compared to competing certificate providers. Getting a GoDaddy SSL coupon for your site is easy, and enables you to increase the security of transactions that take place on your site at a significantly discounted price.

When you use GoDaddy’s $12.99 SSL coupon to get your certificate you can save up to 90% off of the regular price. You don’t even need a coupon code—just click on the $12.99 promotional link and the coupon will automatically be applied when you check out.

When you take advantage of this special GoDaddy coupon you will also receive a free dedicated IP (a $60 per year value). To sweeten the deal even more you will get the free dedicated IP for as many years as you purchase your SSL certificate for. How’s that for a great deal? With savings opportunities like this there is no reason to wait—so get your discounted SSL certificate and free IP today!

The normal yearly cost for GoDaddy’s Standard SSL certificate is $69.99, so godaddy ssl promo code saves you a whopping $57.00 just on the certificate, and that’s in addition to the $60 you’ll save on the dedicated IP.

Why Need GoDaddy SSL Certificate?

When customers shop online security is their number one concern. We have all heard horror stories about identity thieves getting their hands on consumer’s personal information and wreaking havoc on their financial lives. It may seem like everyone is comfortable shopping online these days, but many consumers forgo online shopping altogether due to the fear of having their information fall into the wrong hands, and even consumers who regularly shop online report that they will not make a purchase from a website that does not seem trustworthy to them.

Having an SSL certificate shows potential customers that you care about the security of your site and have taken measures to ensure that all transactions will be secure. Your certificate gives you extra credibility as an online vendor, and indicates to your customers that they are bringing their business to a reputable company.