SSL Coupon / Review - July 2015

An important part of operating a business is having a website that you can rely on. And the only way that you will be able to rely on a website is by knowing that it is safe and secure. offers SSL Certificates that will help you to ensure your website is kept safe and secure. Having a safe and secure website will not only keep your mind at ease, but will also ease the mind of your loyal customers. Special Offer: 25% OFF SSL Coupon! Click To Get This Promo Code!

SSL stands for secure socket layer and is used to protect private information on your website. An SSL Certificate is an important electronic counterpart that will be installed on your driver and will help keep your website safe. The SSL certificate keeps your website safe by encrypting important information such as passwords and credit card information. An SSL certificate will also help your website by authenticating it to other sites and authenticating users that come on the site to make sure you aren't open to a virtual spam attack. 25% OFF Entire Shopping Cart Coupon Click To Get This Promo Code!

Regardless of if you feel that an SSL certificate is necessary, your customer certainly does. This is the day and age of extreme internet fraud and online customers are more wary than ever. The best way to ensure that customers feel safe is to gain their trust by showing that no one has access to their important information. offers a highly regarded system for an SSL certificate. You can choose between two plans based on what the needs of your business are and you will be sure to find something that protects you and your customers.

The basic SSL certificate plan offered by is called the Essential plan and starts at the low rate of $24.00/year if you commit to three years. The features of the Essential plan include domain verification, completion of validation in only minutes, a warranty of up to $10,000, compatibility with over 99% of browsers, encryption up to 256 bits and the seal of safety to display on your site for your customers. Choosing this plan means choosing the same safety certificate plan for your website as multiple Fortune 500 companies choose. SSL Certificates

If you need something that is a step up from basic, you can choose's more advanced option for an SSL certificate. This plan is the most popular and is called the Premium SSL certificate. It offers everything that the Essential plan offers but will upgrades the warranty amount to $250,000 and offers organization of domains for you. This plan costs $68.00 per year if you decide on it for three years.

A more advanced option for SSL certificate from is called the Wildcard. This option will cost you $245.00 per year but offers unlimited subdomains. This means that you will be receiving the ultimate in protection.

If you want to join the most elite in security and safety offering for your site then you will want to choose the Extended Validation SSL certificate. This option costs $390 per year but offers something that only the most sophisticated of sites have; it will turn the browser bar green to ensure to your customers that they are on a safe site. Hosting 468x60